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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Be Careful Anywhere

Careful is one form of endeavor in life, both cautious in morals, talk, or do something. Sometimes we have to do something carefully as possible to obtain the salvation of souls, body and possessions, but Allah willed others, testing and temptation came over. What's done is let into the secret of Allah, people just live it as sunatulloh. 

Cautious attitude is not only outside the home such as in driving or on foot. Inside the house should also remain vigilant. Why is that? Because disasters can happen anywhere.

I experienced it a few days ago. In my own home, in front of my own eyes, I became a victim of fraud with credit card mode. Nominal millions disappeared from my hand, turned into credit card bills. During this credit card has not been at all I use. The fraudsters came to the house carrying swipe machine as a tool to steal clients' money. Very sad when remembering :(