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Sunday, 6 December 2009


Iffah is business is looking after and backs from ill gotten things, makruh and culpable.

Things which can grow iffah :

Firstly: Believe and Godfearing.

This is ground that is most basal in looking after x'self from everything culpable. Soul welded by believe and godfearing is most important capital to fortify x'self from hateful things by God and Rasul. God give guarantee to its(the soleh charitable people who constituted by believe with good life, " Whose goods doing charitable soleh, either men and also woman, while the faithful him(her, hence in fact we will give to it good life, and in fact we reciprocation berry would to them with better reward from has they have do" (An Nahl: 97)

Then to the faithful who godfearing of God give AlFurqan, that is guide which can differentiate between Al Haq with Al Bathil. "Hi people who believed, if you is having godfearing to God, undoubtedly He will give to you Al Furqan and abolishs all your mistakes and forgives sins." (Al Anfal: 29)

And believe and godfearing in soul a fragile moslem has, hence that is forerunner easy to of x'self trapped in perverting and culpable deed. Hence looking after and fertilizing this believe is obligation which must get main priority.

Second: Marries

This is one of road(street fringe that is clear towards x'self chastity. Even marries is best supporting facilities and very afdhol to grow position iffah at x'self a moslem. Marries is thing fithri at x'self a moslem, where to [him] God makes love and affection and peacefulness. " And among His power is He creates for your wifes from your type x'self so that you feels is peaceful to it, and made [by] Him in between your loves and affection." (Ar Rum: 21).

Rasulullah Shallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam said:

"Hi the young mens, whose goods among you which have been able to married, hence so it will s(he married, because the matter more (earns) subdues opinion?sight and more looking afterly is privy parts, and goods who is inability, hence so it will s(he fasts, in consequence can cure it." (Muttafaq Alaih)

In other hadits of he(she is said:

"If a slave have married, hence s(he have made perfect half of its(the religion, hence so it will s(he is having godfearing to God at half again." (HR. Al Baihaqy, shohih)

Sentence and the hadits-hadits was nash-nash which is clear pushs to marry, where pacification of liver, love and affection can be reached for by a moslem. And which more main again was that marries is supporting facilities which can look after opinion?sight and x'self honour every moslem.

Third: Feels small

Shame is behavior respects and praised. Shame is perfect character and classy ornament. Particularly respected if this shame decorates a muslimah. losed face growing in good position and extinguishes desire to do culpable. God had destined losed face this there's only at man to differentiate it with animal. Shame is making a picture glorious person and praised.

About main losed face this Rasulullah Shallalhu Alaihi wa Sallam said:

"Ashamed and believe is having you, hence if one of both that is abstracted, abstracted also the other." (HR. Al Hakim, shohih)

"In fact every the religion has behavior, and Islam behavior is feeling small." (HR. Malik, Ibnu Majah, Al Hakim, shohih)


  1. Rasulullah Shallallahu Alaihi wa Sallambersabda: <--- bukannya said?

  2. @gajah: terlewatkan, hihihi


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