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Friday, 23 March 2012

Envy bin Hasud

The Prophet said: "Stay away from you all envy, malice because it takes away all good, as the fire engulfed the dry firewood."

Hasud was not happy to see the advantages of others, then he too tried to drop the honor, from the ugliness lurking, backbite, slander, to shirk the shaman was done and even to kill. Hasud liver disease who are too sick to make the body, comes from the world of love, pride felt himself superior to nature and hypocrites Because in love with the world.

While opponents of the nature hasud is ghibthoh, which is especially pleased to see the advantages of his brother in the affairs of deeds, and he approached to study, even though ready to be his servant. It's the nature of the Mailakat, the nature of the Apostles and Prophets, scholars istiqomah nature and properties of the believers.

The Prophet said, "is Ghibthoh you on these two servants of God, the first being a servant of God whom God has given knowledge, and then she began to practice and mendakwahkannya with sincerity,
and the second is a servant of God whom God has given wealth and he contributed in the way of Allah with Ikhlash". (HR Muttafaqun alaih).


  1. *lari nyari kamus* :)

  2. hehehe.. aku ikutan nyari kamus juga ah:P

  3. halo mbak, blogwalking,hehe


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